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Kimono rental is perfect for your Instagram!

Kimono rental is perfect for your Instagram!

The idea of renting Kimono came up when I was thinking to do something else than just having a meal but something fun with my friend, which we haven’t been in touch for a while♡


Never had been taken this much of photos!


It actually felt good when tourists asked me to take photos together!

Among the pics that I have posted daily, pics of me in Kimono were very popular!

I had monja-yaki a the Nakamise-street wich the Kimono made me want to eat it.

You should eat things that matches with your Kimono!

The Kimono and the hair keeps it’s style the whole day!


My hair set was just the way I wanted it. They were so good, I would want it done again.

All the kind staffs were quick, even in the typhoon.

The stylist and dresser were very quick and professional, my Kimono was dressed fine the entire day. My hair was also perfect too♡

Thanks a lot!


This Kimono experience provides you a special exciting feeling that you wil not have in normal outfits!


Wearing Kimono makes you excited and, also kind of straightens up your back which usual clothes will not! It was awsome!!

The pic that I wanted to post on my Instagram was from the Monja-yaki. The atmosphere really matched with my Kimono.

It is totally recommended for people that do not wear Yukata usually, and also for ones that are planning going to firework festivals.

That is because dressing up in unusual outfits, and getting your hair beautifuly done will make a wonderful memory, and only from these rental services you will have the opportunity to experience it.

Of course, tourisits from overseas should definetely use this service to make great memories form Japan.

At first I was a bit worried but as soon as I took contact with the front, their quick response made me relax.

All the staffs were very fun and kind. I had a wonderful time thanks to the great staffs helpful service, even in the typhoon.

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Ms.Mizuno, thanks for your visit! Check the posts of maringo718 on Instagram!

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