Asakusa Lace Kimono Rental Plans and Popular Lace Kimonos

Rikawafuku Kimono Rental Asakusa Store offers lace kimono rentals in Asakusa starting from ¥4,000. You can rent popular lace kimonos in Asakusa without any additional charges for lace kimono selection with any of our plans. Our Asakusa store provides over 200 lace kimono options with a rich variety of colors and patterns. Enjoy fashionable lace kimono coordination at Rikawafuku kimono rental in Asakusa Store!

Lace Kimonos in Asakusa

  • Introducing Stylish
    Lace Kimonos in a Video!
  • Perfect for Pink Lovers! Lovely with Braided Twin Hairstyle If you love pink, this one's for you! Perfect match with braided twin hairstyle.
  • Pearl Bag is a Must with Lace Kimonos! Sparkly and Cute Girly Look 🌷 If you choose a lace kimono, we highly recommend a pearl bag for a sparkly and cute girly look 🌷
  • Ivory Lace Kimono Looks Sweet and Cute! Tulle is a Must for Lace Kimonos! Ivory lace kimono looks sweet and cute! Tulle is a must for lace kimonos!
  • Enhance the Beige Lace Kimono with Lace Innerwear and Hair Accessories for Extra Girly Charm! Enhance the beige lace kimono with lace innerwear and hair accessories for extra girly charm!
  • A Classic White Look! Anyone Can Achieve a Girly Style with White A classic white look! Anyone can achieve a girly style with white.

At Rika Kimono Rental Asakusa Store, you can rent popular girly-style lace kimonos. We offer over 200 lace kimonos in a wide range of colors and patterns, from classic white and pastel colors to muted tones. If you want to look cute in a kimono, we highly recommend lace kimonos! You can make them even girlier by adding lace innerwear and collars. The combination with a pearl bag is especially popular. Create a lovely outfit in your favorite color!

Elegant and Stylish
Lace Kimonos in Asakusa

  • Even Ivory Lace Kimonos Can Create an Elegant and Beautiful Look with Unified Colors Even ivory lace kimonos can create an elegant and beautiful look with unified colors.
  • Get an Elegant Look with Black Lace Kimonos! Monochrome Outfits are Also Possible Get an elegant look with black lace kimonos! Monochrome outfits are also possible.
  • Simple Outfit with Beautiful Blue Lace Kimonos. Not Too Sweet Despite Being Lace! Simple outfit with beautiful blue lace kimonos. Not too sweet despite being lace!

At Rika Kimono Rental Asakusa Store, you can rent elegant lace kimonos. You can achieve an elegant and stylish look by changing the color and options of the lace kimonos. Even with a bright ivory kimono, you can create an elegant look by wearing a simple white collar and accessorizing with antique pieces or a brown bamboo bag. The possibilities for styling are endless, so explore and find your unique elegant lace kimono outfit!

Combining Hakama and Lace Kimonos in Asakusa

  • Recommended for Pastel Lovers! Coordinated Look with Lace Kimonos and Hakama Recommended for pastel lovers! Coordinated look with lace kimonos and hakama.
  • For Those Seeking a Girly Look! Fluffy Hakama Outfit with Lace Collar and Innerwear 💭 For those seeking a girly look! Fluffy hakama outfit with lace collar and innerwear 💭
  • Coordinated Look with Matching Colors. For Those Who Want to Rock Lace Kimonos Without Being Too Sweet 🌷 Coordinated look with matching colors. For those who want to rock lace kimonos without being too sweet 🌷

The combination of hakama and lace kimonos is also popular at Rika Kimono Rental Asakusa Store. With a wide range of colors available for both lace kimonos and hakama, the possibilities are endless! Renting hakama is a fun way to experiment with coordinating your outfit. If you're looking to enjoy a unique kimono rental experience, this is the perfect choice!

About Rental Plans for Lace Kimonos in Asakusa

At Rika Kimono Rental Asakusa Store, there's no additional charge for lace kimonos! You can choose them with any rental plan, depending on your hairstyle and the occasion.

  1. No additional charge for any plan
  2. Reserve from your desired rental plan
  3. Rent lace kimonos at a lower price compared to other stores

※ Availability may vary depending on the situation.
※ Kimono and yukata cannot be reserved in advance.

Key Points When Renting Lace Kimonos in Asakusa

We'll provide detailed information on how to make lace kimonos shine, including recommended ways to wear them and choosing accessories for your kimono rental in Asakusa.

Choosing Accessories to Match Lace Kimonos

Fluff Up Your Look with Tulle for Lace Kimonos

Stylish Lace Kimono with Black Accessories on White Lace
Stylish Lace Kimono with Black Accessories on White Lace
Stylish Lace Kimono with Black Accessories on White Lace

The combination of lace kimonos and tulle is excellent. If you want to make your back view stand out, we recommend adding tulle. In the photos, we've added two layers of tulle to enhance the volume even more. Tulle comes in a wide range of colors, so you can find your favorite one.

Create a Monotone Look with All-White Accessories

Lace Kimono with a Toque Hat for a Retro Classical Look
Lace Kimono with a Toque Hat for a Retro Classical Look
Lace Kimono with a Toque Hat for a Retro Classical Look

You can create a lovely monotone look by using all-white accessories, including tulle, collar, hair accessories, bag, and mask. While lace kimonos are elegant, adding cute accessories can enhance their charm.

Retro Cuteness with a Toque Hat for Lace Kimonos

Lace Kimono for Easy Coordination
Lace Kimono for Easy Coordination
Lace Kimono for Easy Coordination

The toque hat is a popular hair accessory among our customers. Despite its retro appearance, toque hats in ivory or white can easily complement lace kimonos. They make any hairstyle look cute, so we recommend a toque hat if you're unsure about your hair arrangement!

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