Pure silk furisode rental
hair set plan

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Furisode rental fee

¥35,000(tax included)

★Includes hair and dressing. Makeup service not provided.

*Photography by the photographer is not included.
*9 types of silk furisode are available.

¥49,000(Photography service , tax included)

★Shooting time is 60 minutes. Photography and data delivery by affiliated photographers.

★Includes hair and dressing. Makeup service not provided.

*9 types of silk furisode are available.

Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan
Pure silk furisode hair set plan

Hair arrangement pattern

Yifu Hair Set (Ponytail Arrangement)
Yifu Hair Set (Braided Down Hair)
Yifu Hair Set (Braided Down Twin)
Yifu Hair Set (Low Updo)
Image of Yifu Hair Set Plan Hair Arrangement

Furisode rental service details


  • Furisode
  • Jyuban
  • underwear
  • Fukuro Obi
  • obi accessories1
  • obi accessories2
  • Kimono Bag
  • Zori sandals
  • Tabi sox
  • women hair ornament
  • Kitsuke
  • Hairset
  • Baggage storage

*You can rent it empty-handed.

*Hair styling and hair accessories are also included in the service.

*Large luggage such as carry cases will cost an additional 1,000 - yen (tax included)

TimeTime required

It usually takes 65 to 70 minutes from reception to dressing and hair-doing to departure. The length will vary depending on the time and season when you choose the Furisode.

Reservation acceptance periodReservation acceptance period

Reservations can be made on the website up to two days before the desired reservation date and time.

Return timeReturn time

No matter what time you make a reservation, the final return time will be 17:30.
*Please note that an extension fee will be added if the return time is exceeded.


*Furisodes cannot be reserved, and selections will be made in the order of arrival.
*Cancellations and additions cannot be made on the day of the photographer's photo session.

List of rental items

  • furisode
  • obi
    Fukuro obi
  • obi accessories
    obi accessories
  • 草履・足袋
    Zori sandals/tabi
  • 襦袢
  • 肌着
  • 巾着袋
  • 髪飾り

Furisode Rental Plan FAQ

QDo you have a photo shooting plan?
AAdvance reservation required. You can add a shooting plan by making a reservation at least 2 days in advance. 1 person: 13,000 yen including tax. in 30 minutes. Unlimited number of cuts.
QWhat kind of hairstyle will be used?
AYou can choose from 5 patterns. An up-style hairstyle is recommended for the long-sleeved kimono plan.
QCan I style my hair with extensions?
AThis is possible as most extensions are heat resistant. We are not responsible for any problems such as damage or falling off.
QDo you wear the furisode you bring in?
AWe do not allow guests to wear furisode that they have brought with them.

Features of pure silk furisode hair set plan

Furisode Kimono made of high-quality pure silk was selected by the buyer. This luxurious Furisode Kimono is made of the highest quality silk material and has gold decoration. We also offer a variety of colors so that a variety of people can wear it. We also produce obi in-house, creating luxurious fukuro obi made from pure silk fabric. We did not compromise on the selection of the obiage or obijime, resulting in a high-class finish for the overall coordination.

What is furisode?

Furisode is a traditional Japanese dress with long sleeves that allows the sleeves to swing, and is a traditional costume worn by Japanese women on special occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings. It features bright colors and delicate patterns that bring out the beauty and youthfulness of the wearer. Furisode is a cultural icon that brings joy and excitement not only to those who wear it, but also to those who see it.

Furisode rental plan is recommended for these people

Ideal for guests from overseas who want to deeply experience Japanese culture and take beautiful commemorative photos. You can enjoy extraordinary photoshoots in the beautiful streets of Asakusa, Tokyo. Furthermore, you can have deep cultural experiences that are not listed in guidebooks. Wouldn't you like to leave your memory as a unique Japanese culture kimono experience that can be used as a story to share with your family and friends on social media?

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\ Over 180,000 People Served Annually /

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