Kimono & Yukata Rental
Group Plans

Group Pricing (10 or more people)

Inquiry (Response from Group Coordinator)

※ There may be periods when reservations are not accepted.

Rental Contents

Set ContentsSet Contents

  • Kimono
  • Juban (Under Kimono)
  • Kimono Undergarments
  • Hanhaba Obi (Half-width Obi)
  • Zori (Sandals)
  • Tabi (Socks)
  • Kinchaku Bag
  • Dressing
  • Baggage Storage

※ Rentals are possible without bringing anything. Large luggage such as suitcases will incur an additional fee of 500 yen (tax included).

Required TimeRequired Time

From reception, dressing, and hairstyling, it usually takes approximately 45-70 minutes. The time may vary depending on your choice of kimono and the season.

Reservation Acceptance PeriodReservation Acceptance Period

Inquiries can be made through the company's website. During the summer period, women's options include yukata and lightweight kimono, while men's options include yukata.

Return TimeReturn Time

Regardless of the time of reservation, the final return time is 17:30. Please note that if you exceed the return time, additional fees will apply.


※ Hairstyling service is not included. An additional fee will apply if you wish to have hairstyling. In the case of a large group, you may be accommodated in separate groups upon arrival.

List of Rental Items

  • For Women
  • For Men
  • Women's Kimono
    Women's Kimono
  • Half-width Obi
    Half-width Obi
  • Zori (Sandals) & Tabi (Socks)
    Zori (Sandals) & Tabi (Socks)
  • Juban (Under Kimono)
    Juban (Under Kimono)
  • Kimono Undergarments
    Kimono Undergarments
  • Kinchaku Bag
    Kinchaku Bag
  • Men's Kimono
    Men's Kimono
  • Haori (Winter)
    Haori (Winter)
  • Obi (Belt)
    Obi (Belt)
  • Zori (Sandals) & Tabi (Socks)
    Zori (Sandals) & Tabi (Socks)
  • Juban (Under Kimono)
    Juban (Under Kimono)
  • Kinchaku Bag
    Kinchaku Bag

Frequently Asked Questions about Group Plans

QHow can I make a reservation?
AReservations can be made through the company's website. You will have a meeting with the corporate department.
QWhen are reservations not accepted?
AReservations are not accepted during late February to early April, Golden Week, late October to early November, and on days of fireworks events, among others.

Features of Group Kimono Rental Plan

Available for groups of 10 people or more. This plan includes a complete kimono rental set and hair accessories! Customers love the speedy kimono dressing by our professionals and the stylish hairstyling by our stylists, making your photos look great. This plan is perfect for travel agencies looking to organize Asakusa or Kyoto sightseeing trips efficiently, as well as for companies hosting large events. We offer a wide variety of kimonos and yukatas for you to choose from.
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