Kawagoe Kimono Rental
Student Discount Plan

Student Discount Price (with Hair Set)

¥3,500 -(Weekday Rate, Tax Included)

¥4,000 -(Weekend/Holiday Rate, Tax Included)

★ Choose from all kimono varieties!

* Prices may vary by day of the week and season. Please confirm when making a reservation.

Price Calendar for the Plan
Price Calendar for the Plan
Price Calendar for the Plan

Hair Arrangement Patterns

Rikawafuku Kimono Hair Set (Ponytail Arrangement)
Rikawafuku Kimono Hair Set (Braided Hair)
Rikawafuku Kimono Hair Set (Braided Twin Hair)
Rikawafuku Kimono Hair Set (Low Bun)
Image of Rikawafuku Kimono Hair Set Plan

Contents of Kimono Rental

Set ContentsSet Contents

  • Kimono
  • Juban (undergarment)
  • Kimono Slip
  • Hanhaba Obi (half-width obi)
  • Zori (sandals)
  • Tabi (socks)
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Women's Hair Ornaments
  • Dressing
  • Women's Hair Set
  • Luggage Storage

* Rental without bringing any items is possible.

* Hair set and hair ornaments are included in the service.

* Large luggage such as suitcases is subject to an additional fee of 500 yen (tax included).

Time RequiredTime Required

From reception to dressing and hair set, typically 45 to 70 minutes until departure. The time may vary slightly depending on the time and season for selecting a kimono.

Reservation Acceptance PeriodReservation Acceptance Period

Reservations are accepted through the website until 10 minutes before the desired date and time. During the summer period, yukata and summer kimono are available.

Return TimeReturn Time

The final return time is 17:30, regardless of the reservation time. Please be aware that an additional fee will be charged if you exceed the return time.

Important NotesImportant Notes

* To use the student discount plan, proof of student status (student ID, commuter pass, etc.) is required. Insurance cards are not accepted.

* The contents of the hair set are the same as the regular hair set plan.

* Each individual may have their own preferences for bangs, so it's smoother to arrive with them set. Using hair wax or an iron may make it difficult to achieve the desired hair set.

List of Rental Items

  • Women's Kimono
    Women's Kimono
  • Half-Width Obi
    Half-Width Obi
  • Zori & Tabi
    Zori & Tabi
  • Juban (Undergarment)
    Juban (Undergarment)
  • Kimono Slip
    Kimono Slip
  • Drawstring Bag
    Drawstring Bag
  • Hair Ornaments
    Hair Ornaments

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Discount Plans

Q If one person is a student and the other is a working professional, how do we make a reservation?
A You can make separate reservations for each person, or book for two people using either person's plan and inform us of the change on the day of the rental.
Q I don't have my student ID.
A If you have any proof of being a student, such as a commuter pass or access to your school's portal site, that is acceptable.
Q Can I use an international student ID?
A Yes, you can use a non-Japanese student ID.
Q Does makeup (cosmetics) come included?
A Makeup (cosmetics) is not included.
Q Does the content differ from the Hair Set Plan?
A The content remains the same. The only difference is that the price is more affordable and discounted.
Q Can men use the student discount plan?
A The student discount plan is not available for men. Even for mixed-gender rentals, the Couple Plan is cheaper and recommended.
Q Is it possible to have a hair set with extensions?
A Most extensions are heat-resistant, so it is possible. We are not responsible for damage, detachment, or other issues.
Q I am 〇cm tall (in height or leg length). Do you have sizes available?
A Female height: Most kimonos have a length of 168cm. They can be worn neatly up to 170cm. Beyond that, there may be a slight shortening of the hem. Female shoe size: Available up to 27cm.

Features of Kawagoe Kimono Rental Student Discount Plan

You can choose from all kimonos and yukatas without any changes in prices! We offer a plan that includes the rental of kimonos, yukatas, and hairsets at a special student discount rate. The content is the same as the Kawagoe Kimono Rental Hairset Plan, but the price is discounted for students. With a variety of kimonos, yukatas, and hair accessories to choose from, this is a popular plan at Nashika Kimono Kawagoe Store that is budget-friendly and easy to use. We encourage students to use this plan for exploring Kawagoe in kimonos together!

Enjoy Rental with Hairset for as Low as 3,500 Yen!

If you're a student planning a trip or an outing with fellow students, we highly recommend the student discount plan at Nashika Kimono Kawagoe Store. You can enjoy affordable kimono rentals from trending lace kimonos to retro-style kimonos. Choose your favorite one and have a fun kimono rental experience.

Recommended for Students Visiting Kawagoe

This popular plan offers great deals exclusively for students! Female students, whether from Japan or abroad, are welcome to use this plan. Even international students are eligible (student ID proof required). If you want to rent a kimono or yukata in Kawagoe and have a cute hairstyle for your stroll, but you're looking to keep the cost low, this plan is perfect for you. It's an ideal choice for students who want to explore Kawagoe on their day off. Nashika Kimono Kawagoe Store opened in June 2022, so you can rent brand new and beautiful kimonos and yukatas! The secret of its popularity is that you can rent lace kimonos, antique kimonos, and retro yukatas at the plan's price only. There are no additional charges, even if you choose trendy yukatas or kimonos. You're free to choose and enjoy your cute rental kimono or yukata!

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Popular Kimono Rental Plans in Kawagoe

Rent without any hassle in Kawagoe! All kimono types are available for selection, from lace kimono to retro-modern kimono!

Kawagoe Kimono Hair Set Student Discount Plan

Kawagoe Kimono Hair Set Student Discount Plan

¥3,500 and up(tax included)

A cost-effective student-exclusive plan with hair set and hair accessories included. Available for students of all ages and nationalities (ages 10 and up).

Kawagoe Kimono Couple Plan

Kawagoe Kimono Couple Plan

¥7,000 and up(tax included)

Get a discount of ¥2,000 for couples! The most economical plan for couples. Women's hair set and hair accessories included. A popular plan for strolling in Little Edo Kawagoe!

Kawagoe Kimono Hair Set Plan

Kawagoe Kimono Hair Set Plan

¥4,500 and up(tax included)

Hair set and hair accessories included! A classic plan for female customers at Rikawafuku. We offer a variety of five hair set options and regularly update our trendy hair accessories.

Rental Kimono Rikawafuku Kawagoe Store

Rental Kimono Rikawafuku Kawagoe Store

Rikawafuku Kawagoe