RiLi Yukata Rental Plan

Available with Any Plan!



★ You can use RiLi yukata with any plan!
Choose your favorite plan.

★ RiLi yukatas are provided through an exclusive rental contract with RiLi.

★ We also offer collaboration yukatas between RiLi and Rikawafuku!

※ Available models from 2021 to 2023!

RiLi Yukata Collaboration

Rikawafuku and RiLi Collaboration Yukata
Rikawafuku and RiLi Collaboration Yukata
Rikawafuku and RiLi Collaboration Yukata

RiLi Yukata Coordination

RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan

Contents of Yukata Rental

Set ContentsSet Contents

  • Yukata
  • Kimono underwear
  • Half-width obi (belt)
  • Geta (footwear)
  • Drawstring bag
  • Female hair accessories
  • Dressing service
  • Female hair styling (varies by plan)
  • Luggage storage

※ You can rent without bringing anything.
※ Hair styling depends on the chosen plan.

※ Large luggage such as suitcases incurs an additional fee of 1000 yen (tax included).

Time RequiredTime Required

Usually, it takes 45 to 70 minutes from reception to dressing and hair styling, depending on the time and season of choosing yukata.

Reservation Acceptance PeriodReservation Acceptance Period

Yukata rental acceptance period is from June to September. Reservations can be made online up to 10 minutes before the desired date and time. During the summer period, yukata and summer yukata are available.

Return TimeReturn Time

The final return time is 17:30, regardless of the reservation time. ※ If you exceed the return time, an extension fee will be added, so please be careful.


※ We do not offer reservations. Yukata selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.

List of Rental Items

  • Women's Yukata
    Women's Yukata
  • Half-width Obi (Belt)
    Half-width Obi (Belt)
  • Geta (Footwear)
    Geta (Footwear)
  • Kimono Underwear
    Kimono Underwear
  • Drawstring Bag
    Drawstring Bag
  • Hair Accessories
    Hair Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hair Set Plan

Q What types of RiLi yukatas are available?
A We offer all models from 2021 to 2023.
Q What is an exclusive rental contract?
A Exclusive rental contracts allow only Lika Kimono to officially handle our yukatas.
Q Does makeup (cosmetics) come with the service?
A Makeup (cosmetics) services are not included.
Q Can I have a hair set with hair extensions?
A Most hair extensions are heat-resistant, so it is possible. We are not responsible for damage or any issues that may occur.
Q I am 〇cm tall (in terms of height) - do you have sizes for me?
A For women's height, most yukatas have a length of 168cm. It is possible to dress neatly up to 170cm. Beyond that, there may be a slight shortening of the hem. For women's shoe size, it's possible up to 27cm.

Features of the RiLi Yukata Rental Plan

RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan
RiLi Yukata Rental Plan

RiLi yukatas are sold on the media "" and its official online store, "RiLi STORE," and are very popular yukatas. This time, we have formed a business partnership exclusively with RiLi and are offering them for rental at all Lika Kimono stores. We have a total of 8 new models for 2021 and 4 models for 2020 available at our stores, all selected for our customers. "Stretching with RiLi's maturity" is the theme, and we have a range of models from 2021.

RiLi Yukata 2021 "Annyui" (White Plum / Red Plum / Apricot)

For 2021, we have White Plum, Red Plum, and Apricot models available at all Lika Kimono stores! Enjoy these models now!

For 2020 models, they are only available at Lika Kimono Asakusa Store and Lika Kimono Gion Store. These gentle line-drawn floral patterns make them easy to incorporate into your style. We offer two color options, Beige (Kinako) and Cold Color (Mizuame). Beige is a popular color at Kyoto Kimono Rental Lika Kimono and can be perfectly matched with the picturesque spots in Kyoto. The Cold Color model, with its perfect color palette for the vibrant streets of Asakusa, is recommended for use at Lika Kimono Asakusa Store.

RiLi Yukata 2021 Lace (Shiratama / Monaka / Koshian)

For 2021, we have 3 lace types available at all Lika Kimono stores. Try out the popular lace yukatas now! We've captured the retro ambiance using paisley patterns. They come in two colors, Pink Beige (Amanatsu) and Muted Brown (Azuki), allowing you to combine elegance and trends in your attire.

Recommended for People Like This

If you want to have your hair beautifully and elegantly styled up to match your yukata look, this plan is highly recommended for you. It's perfect for events like fireworks festivals and Gion Matsuri in the Kyoto area. Lika Kimono Arashiyama Store is just a 5-minute walk from Togetsukyo Bridge and Saga Arashiyama Station. In the summer, you can take beautiful yukata photos around the cool Katsura River. Lika Kimono Gion Store is a 2-minute walk from Gion Shijo Station, making it a perfect location for the Gion Matsuri festival. Lika Kimono Kiyomizu Temple Store is conveniently located just 5 minutes from Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Koshindo. How about strolling around Kiyomizu Temple and enjoying some local delicacies in your yukata? Why not try styling your hair up nicely to go with your yukata look?