Reasons RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto is Chosen

Reservations, Changes, and Cancellations Possible 24/7 Online!

Easily Reserve on RIKAWAFUKU's Website 24/7

Whether you want to reserve, change, or cancel, you can do it at your convenience 24/7 online! Worried that when you book through Instagram DM or by phone, your reservation isn't confirmed until you hear back from the shop? With RIKAWAFUKU, both reservation confirmation and changes can be completed anytime, 24 hours a day, on the website, making trip planning easy and worry-free!

Free Cancellations Until the Previous Day

Free Cancellations Until the Previous Day

When you make a reservation, you can't predict the weather, right? With RIKAWAFUKU, cancellations are free until the day before, and there's no need for advance payment. You've made a reservation, but it's raining, so you're thinking of canceling... RIKAWAFUKU allows you to do it worry-free!

Many Unique Kimonos, Including Antiques

Many Unique Kimonos, Including Antiques

Kimono rental is a hot topic on Instagram, but if you're going to wear one, you'll want to create a style that's true to yourself, right?

RIKAWAFUKU offers a wide selection of kimonos, including antique ones. They have many unique kimonos that are one-of-a-kind, so you'll surely find the perfect one for you!

They also offer handmade and limited edition accessories, allowing you to create a style that's unique to RIKAWAFUKU!

You want to make the most of your Kyoto sightseeing trip, right? And what's more, all kimonos at RIKAWAFUKU are priced the same, so you won't be charged extra for the one you find cute! Feel free to enjoy RIKAWAFUKU!

    Kimono Selection by Each Store

  1. Arashiyama Store: 350 kimonos and yukatas on display
  2. Gion Store: 450 kimonos and yukatas on display
  3. Kiyomizu Temple Store: 300 kimonos and yukatas on display
  4. Kyoto Station Front Store: 350 kimonos and yukatas on display
  5. Warehouse Storage: 1000 kimonos and yukatas

Clear Plans and Pricing!

Clear Pricing

No matter which kimono you choose, the pricing is the same! RIKAWAFUKU's pricing plans are simple. For female customers, just let them know whether you need "hair styling" and if you're a "student." That's all it takes to determine the most affordable plan!

There are no confusing price structures, like different prices for different kimono styles or hair setups. RIKAWAFUKU's concept is to make it easy for anyone to wear a kimono, so feel free to rent one! And, of course, if you want a more customized plan, there are options available to suit your needs!

    How to Choose a Plan at RIKAWAFUKU

  1. Couple or Not? If you're a couple, check out the Kyoto Kimono Couple Plan
  2. Need a hair set? If not, explore the Kyoto Kimono Basic Plan
  3. Need a hair set and you're a student? Consider the Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Student Discount Plan
  4. Need a hair set and you're not a student? Check out the Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Plan

Staff Who Meet Stringent Standards

Staff Meeting Stringent Standards

RIKAWAFUKU sets strict technical standards for dressing and hairstyling staff. They evaluate not only skill but also safety standards and speed. They have structured systems to ensure that dressing and hairstyling techniques remain consistent. Furthermore, they rank each staff member on a 15-level scale and work hard to improve their skills. RIKAWAFUKU offers industry-leading working conditions, so they have some of the best staff in the industry. The hiring rate for part-time staff is approximately 1-3%. Enjoy your Kyoto sightseeing with the top-notch skills of RIKAWAFUKU's elite staff!

Trustworthy Corporate-Operated Kimono Rental Shop

Trustworthy Corporate Operation

RIKAWAFUKU is operated by a corporation. While there are many kimono rental shops that have emerged due to inbound tourism and the influence of the Olympics, safety in terms of hygiene and potential issues like accidents is important. All RIKAWAFUKU branches have received approval as beauty facilities from local health authorities. When choosing a shop, it's highly recommended to opt for a kimono rental shop that is officially recognized. Additionally, RIKAWAFUKU has obtained the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry's certification for hospitality!

Close to Popular Kyoto Tourist Spots

Convenient Location for Sightseeing

RIKAWAFUKU has you covered for all the must-visit spots in Kyoto, including Kiyomizu Temple, Togetsukyo Bridge, Yasaka Shrine, and more! The company's goal is to provide the "best day ever." It's not just about looking cute in a kimono; it's about having the best day during your sightseeing adventure in Kyoto! Just like looking great, being comfortable is important. RIKAWAFUKU ensures that its locations are easy to reach, so you won't get tired walking around in a kimono!

Certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Health Department

RIKAWAFUKU's Health Department-Certified Hair Styling Room

Among the kimono rental shops in Kyoto, many operate hair styling services without the approval of local health authorities. While affordability is important, avoiding troubles is a top priority. All RIKAWAFUKU stores have been certified as beauty facilities by local health authorities. When choosing a rental kimono shop, it is highly recommended to select one that holds official permits. Furthermore, RIKAWAFUKU has also received certification for hospitality from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry!

Unique and Cute Options Not Found Elsewhere

Examples of Unique Options Not Found in Other Stores

The lace obi ornaments and tulle are RIKAWAFUKU's original handmade creations. When it comes to original accessories, lace items are the hallmark of RIKAWAFUKU. They blend traditional kimonos with trendy styles, making it a unique style that is exclusive to RIKAWAFUKU. In addition to lace accessories, they offer other items like masks and bags. RIKAWAFUKU Kimono Rental offers plenty of exclusive styles!

Many Repeat Customers

Many Repeat Customers

With a long history as a kimono rental shop, RIKAWAFUKU has a large number of repeat customers. Many customers who rented from RIKAWAFUKU in Tokyo choose them again in Kyoto. Different friends, different occasions, and the desire to come back create a large base of repeat customers. The fact that RIKAWAFUKU is loved by repeat customers is the best evidence of their excellence.

Popular Shop in the Media Spotlight!

Popular Shop Featured in the Media

RIKAWAFUKU began as a kimono rental shop in Asakusa, Tokyo, and has been featured on various TV programs due to its media attention. The shop has provided costumes for several TV programs, although the names cannot be disclosed. Famous personalities, celebrities, and influencers occasionally visit the shop incognito!


Staff Messages from RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto Stores

From RIKAWAFUKU Arashiyama Store

We want many people to experience the joy of wearing kimono and discovering a different side of themselves when wearing one!
You can choose from a wide variety of kimonos and incorporate the latest trends to enjoy. ♡
Of course, at RIKAWAFUKU Arashiyama Store, we'll also provide suggestions for accessories that suit you!
In addition to kimono dressing, we also offer cute and stylish hairstyling, so please enjoy it!

Manager Iwai from RIKAWAFUKU Arashiyama Store

From RIKAWAFUKU Gion Store

Kimono, a symbol of Japanese culture, can be worn casually and easily through kimono rentals. We assist people of all ages in enjoying kimono to make it more accessible. At RIKAWAFUKU Gion Store, we propose various styles to suit different age groups.

Wearing a kimono simply is a good choice, and you can also enhance it with cute accessories. We regularly update our kimono, accessories, and hair ornaments, so whenever you visit, you can find new and cute items.

Our staff continuously work on improving their skills and techniques. Please enjoy your kimono rental experience with us.

Manager Nishimura from RIKAWAFUKU Gion Store

From RIKAWAFUKU Kiyomizu-dera Store

We want you to enjoy kimono in a stylish and approachable way. We have carefully selected kimonos, hair accessories, and other items with great care. At RIKAWAFUKU Kiyomizu-dera Store, we not only dress you in kimono but also provide suggestions for the most suitable hairstyling. Feel free to come and enjoy kimono in a comprehensive way. Explore the different scenery from your daily life.

Manager Kawano from RIKAWAFUKU Kiyomizu-dera Store

From RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto Station Front Store

RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto Station Front Store provides not only kimono dressing and hairstyling but also offers information about Kyoto's tourist spots. Many customers come from distant places, and if you haven't decided where to go, we will recommend the best places to visit! Enjoy not only kimono rental but also the beauty of Kyoto.

Manager Inoue from RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto Station Front Store


Why RIKAWAFUKU is Chosen from the Many Kimono Rental Shops in Kyoto

Reasons for Choosing RIKAWAFUKU

Providing Reliable Services
with Faithfulness to the Basics

Kimono rental shops promote themselves in various ways, such as offering affordable prices, a wide selection of kimono, and creating cute coordinated outfits for customers.

Particularly in Kyoto, there is fierce competition due to the large number of kimono rental shops.

What RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto prioritizes among this competition is "faithfulness to the basics."

First and foremost, it aims to create an environment where staff can work comfortably to provide excellent service. Ensuring that customers have a wide variety of kimono to choose from and multiple popular kimono options available when they visit is essential.

Since Kyoto is a popular tourist destination, many customers come from distant places, often wanting to explore multiple locations within a limited timeframe. RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto recognizes this and constantly works on streamlining its operations and improving kimono dressing and hairstyling skills.

If issues arise, such as low stock or limited options, problems that can be resolved with investment are promptly addressed. Customers are encouraged to voice any concerns or dissatisfaction after using the services.

Plan Information

List of rental plans and prices in Kyoto