Our Efforts

Efforts of Rikawafuku

About Rikawafuku's Efforts

To Welcome Many People
to Kyoto and Asakusa
Through Kimono Rental.

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the number of tourists in Kyoto and Asakusa has significantly decreased. What can Rikawafuku do to contribute to the revival of the local community through kimono rental? What daily efforts can be made for this purpose? On this page, we will share Rikawafuku's daily business efforts and activities.


Efforts by Everyone
at Rikawafuku

  • Product Development
  • Service Improvement
  • Collaboration & Partnerships

Our Efforts in Product Development

Event-Related Campaigns

Yukata Disney Campaign

We organize campaigns devised by our staff in coordination with events in Asakusa and Kyoto.

For example, we host the Yukata Disney Campaign every year from June to July, which is linked to Disneyland's Tanabata Disney period.

We also conduct Live and Event Support Campaigns from July to September to cater to customers attending summer Johnny's events and concerts in yukata.

Furthermore, we run campaigns to make yukata rental more accessible during events like the Gion Festival and fireworks displays in Kyoto.

    Campaign Examples

  1. ・ Yukata Disney Campaign
  2. ・ Live Support Campaign
  3. ・ Free Mask Campaign

Creation of New Accessories by On-Site Staff

Original Accessories by Rikawafuku

During hours with fewer customers or during off-peak periods, each Rikawafuku store comes up with new optional kimono accessories.

Most of the optional services currently offered at our stores are the result of ideas from on-site staff.

With the motto "Creating Rikawafuku Together," we aim to produce exciting new optional items that will enhance our customers' enjoyment.

    List of Staff-Designed Accessory Options

  1. ・ Tulle Decorations: Cute tulle decorations for the obi's front and back.
  2. ・ Original Hair Accessories: Original hair accessories created by our staff.
  3. ・ Lace Embroidery Collar: Original product with lace collars added to nagajuban (long undergarments).
  4. ・ Simple Obi Decorations: Decorations that are perfect for retro kimonos, created by our staff responsible for procurement in Kyoto.

Regular Procurement of New Trendy Kimonos

Trendy Kimono Procurement by Rikawafuku

We regularly procure new kimonos and yukatas each season, approximately 400 pieces, based on input from in-house influencers and on-site store staff.

Being a rental store does not mean we recycle the same outfits every season.

Our Efforts in Service Improvement

Checking Customer Departure Times to Enhance Service Speed

Rikawafuku's Service Improvement Efforts

At Rikawafuku, we measure the departure speed of customers at each store every month and share this information across all locations.

We aim to increase the time customers can spend in kimono in Kyoto and Asakusa, even if it's just an extra minute, and ensure staff awareness is aligned to achieve this.

Hair Style Improvement Meetings

Hair Style Improvement Meetings

Hair Style Improvement Meetings are held quarterly to review the current list of hair styles.

In Kyoto and Asakusa, we conduct surveys among all staff members who hold beautician licenses, and we collect ideas for new hair styles.

From these ideas, a selection committee extracts the best ones and shares them with all staff, seeking their feedback.

These efforts result in providing hair set services by Rikawafuku that match trends and seasons.

Enhancing Service Quality Through Regular Kimono Dressing and Hair Set Tests

Rikawafuku's Service Improvement Efforts

Rikawafuku's motto is "Quick, Cute, Enjoyable Kimono Rental."

For this, the skills of our staff in kimono dressing and hair setting are essential.

Therefore, Rikawafuku conducts regular tests of kimono dressing and hair setting to ensure we provide services that make our customers more satisfied and happy.

    Details of Kimono Dressing and Hair Set Test

  1. ・ Technical supervisors at each store check not only the dressing but also the conduct and behavior during the process.
  2. ・ For dressing and hair setting, we use 10 minutes as the criterion to deliver results at the Rikawafuku level.

Internal Kimono Coordination Contest

Internal Kimono Coordination Contest

The Internal Kimono Coordination Contest is an initiative where each store presents the kimono coordination they believe is the cutest.

Staff members from each store collaborate using Rikawafuku's kimonos, accessories, and personal items to create kimono coordinations.

The winning coordination is used as the profile picture on Instagram, posts on our website, and more.

Even our current Instagram profile picture was created by staff member ideas!

Collaboration Events and External Partnerships

Rikawafuku's Event Image

We collaborate with local businesses and organize events with influencers.

Projection Mapping x Rikawafuku Collaboration Event

Rikawafuku and Projection Mapping Event

In collaboration with Creative Group Lightman, we held the "Rikawafuku Tanabata Festival" on July 7, 2019, and July 13, 2019.

We conducted projection mapping at the Rikawafuku Annex, and more than 200 customers visited us.

Despite the rain, many customers came and said they came just for this event, which made us glad we held it.

Influencer Nakajima Sisters Collaboration Event

Rikawafuku's Event Image

In collaboration with the popular Disney-themed Nakajima Sisters, we organized an event on October 18, 2019.

▼ Schedule of the Day

Part 1: "Tea Party on Any Day"
Part 2: "Nakajima Sisters and Kimono Bond"
Part 3: Free Time

Immediately after starting reservations, we received more than 30 bookings, surpassing the available slots. It was a wonderful event where the closeness of the Nakajima Sisters and their followers was palpable.

The enthusiasm and ideas of the two of them to entertain their followers could be felt by everyone who attended the event, with a wide range of activities including videos of Shanghai Disney, tea parties, and photo shoots for New Year's greeting cards!

Influencer Nyanpero Collaboration Event

Rikawafuku's Event Image

In collaboration with the Sanrio-loving influencers shiiperooo and suzunyan08, we held an event on November 9, 2019.

▼ Schedule of the Day

Part 1: Talk Session
Part 2: Walking in Asakusa and Purikura Photoshoot
Part 3: Free Time

On the day of the event, the Purikura machine was so crowded that many followers attended. It was a fun event with laughter throughout.

Collaboration with Mask Companies

Rikawafuku's Corporate Collaboration

We have received fox masks and more from the local company O-Matsuriland Co., Ltd.

The provided masks are used in a campaign where you can use them for free by posting on Instagram.

The masks are available for use at all our stores.

Partnership with Nearby Kyoto Hotels

Rikawafuku's Corporate Collaboration

We have partnered with "The Grand West Arashiyama," a hotel located about a 5-minute walk from Rikawafuku Arashiyama store, offering accommodation packages and discounts for hotel guests.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact the respective hotel.

Information on Accommodation Packages

About Collaboration Events and Corporate Partnerships

We can host events at our location for influencers and collaborate with companies for events and sampling. If you're interested, please feel free to contact us.


2020 Rikawafuku's Motto

Let's Do Our Best, Kyoto and Asakusa!!

Rikawafuku contributes to the development of Asakusa and Kyoto through kimono rental customer attraction.

Amid the unprecedented situation in the tourism industry, there isn't much that Rikawafuku can do with kimono rental. One thing is to cooperate with local businesses and shops to revitalize Kyoto and Asakusa. The second is to ensure that as many customers as possible can visit us with peace of mind. The keyword here is "with peace of mind."

Customers before visiting may have many concerns. To alleviate those concerns as much as possible, Rikawafuku will provide a wide range of kimonos and services based on the premise of implementing infection prevention measures against the new coronavirus to satisfy our customers.


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Questions About Collaboration


Regarding Kyoto restaurants, do you have a system for purchasing coupon tickets?


For example, we also conduct pre-purchase of coupon tickets for 20,000 yen for the purchase of 100 portions of 200 yen menchikatsu.


Can the coupons issued at the time of collaboration be set with a time limit?


Setting a time limit is also possible. For details, please contact our public relations department.


I want to work at Rikawafuku. Where should I apply?


You can apply via Indeed or the recruitment page.


Where can I check campaign information?


We will announce it on Instagram and the Rikawafuku website.