What is RIKAWAFUKU (梨花和服)?

Reasons to Choose RIKAWAFUKU

Bringing Kimonos Closer!
Faster and Cuter Service!

At Kimono Rental RIKAWAFUKU (Rikawafuku), we work every day to ensure that you can enjoy "this day" as long as possible when you visit us by departing "faster and cuter."

For this purpose, we strive to improve the speed and quality of daily dressing and hair setting tasks. We also procure new kimonos and create new kimono styles. We even turn ideas from the field into commercial products for new accessory arrangements.


RIKAWAFUKU's Commitment

Variety of Kimonos, Same Price

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

At RIKAWAFUKU, no matter which plan you choose, you can select any kimono from our wide range, and the price remains the same. There are no price differences based on the type of kimono you choose. This policy stems from the experience of many customers who had to compromise on their choice of kimono due to limitations on kimono selection in other rental shops. At RIKAWAFUKU, we believe in providing the enjoyment of freely choosing your favorite kimono from a wide selection. We continue this practice even as we add various kimonos such as lace kimonos, antique kimonos, and RIKAWAFUKU's original custom kimonos.

    Kimono Selection at Each Store

  1. Asakusa Shop: 600 kimonos and yukatas
  2. Arashiyama Shop: 350 kimonos and yukatas
  3. Gion Shop: 400 kimonos and yukatas
  4. Kiyomizudera Shop: 250 kimonos and yukatas
  5. Kyoto Ekimae Shop: 400 kimonos and yukatas
  6. Kawagoe Shop: 250 kimonos and yukatas
  7. Kamakura Shop: 250 kimonos and yukatas
  8. Warehouse Storage: Over 1,000 kimonos and yukatas

Convenient Store Locations

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

RIKAWAFUKU stores are located in places that meet either of two criteria: they are either "close to the nearest train station" or "near landmark tourist destinations." All our stores are situated within a 5-minute walk of the main tourist destination or the nearest train station.

    Store Access

  1. Asakusa Shop: 3-minute walk to Senso-ji Temple (200m)
  2. Arashiyama Shop: 5-minute walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station (500m)
  3. Gion Shop: 2-minute walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station (200m)
  4. Kiyomizudera Shop: 3-minute walk to Sannenzaka (170m)
  5. Kyoto Ekimae Shop: 7-minute walk from Kyoto Station (170m)
  6. Kawagoe Shop: 2-minute walk from Hon-Kawagoe Station (170m)
  7. Kamakura Shop: 4-minute walk from Kamakura Station (400m)

Quick Access to Trendy Kimonos

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

Just like fashion, kimono rentals follow the trends, and we strive to maintain a constant presence of "cute" and "trendy" kimonos in our stores. We collaborate with Instagrammers and our staff to come up with ideas and update our kimono collection every two months. Our active university student staff members are in charge of procurement and design. Additionally, we collaborate with well-known brands to create special kimono collections.

Personalize Your Style with Accessories

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

You can bring your own personal items, although you must wear them yourself to prevent damage. By using your own items and accessories, you can personalize your kimono style. Adding your favorite items to a cute kimono makes your kimono rental experience even more enjoyable.

    Popular Personal Accessories at RIKAWAFUKU

  1. Boots: A popular choice for adding a unique touch to your look.
  2. Lace Inner Garments: Combine with retro-style kimonos for a cute look.
  3. Fur Items: Popular additions for the fall and winter seasons.

Shorter Time for Dressing Before Departure

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

We put a strong emphasis on improving the speed of preparation before departure to allow you to enjoy more time at your destination. We conduct monthly time checks for dressing and hair setting. Even during busy periods, we make continuous improvements to ensure that you can enjoy your kimono rental and sightseeing as long as possible.

    Time Estimates from Arrival to Departure

  1. Quiet Period = 30 minutes to 45 minutes
    ・Kyoto: June to September, December, January
    ・Asakusa: June, October to December
  2. Semi-Busy Period = 45 minutes to 60 minutes
    ・Kyoto: April, May, October
    ・Asakusa: February, April, May, July, August
  3. Busy Period = 45 minutes to 90 minutes
    ・Kyoto: February, March, November
    ・Asakusa: March, New Year's Day, fireworks festival dates
    ※Departure times may vary slightly.

Kimono Dressing for Easy Sightseeing

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

The majority of customers who enjoy kimono rentals at RIKAWAFUKU do so in combination with sightseeing. Therefore, we prioritize kimono dressing that is easy to wear and walk in. We have skilled staff members who strive to ensure that the kimono remains secure and does not come undone. We also provide customers with tips on how to sit comfortably and use the restroom without damaging the kimono, both in-store and through written materials.

Beauty Salon Registered, Ensuring Hygiene and Service

RIKAWAFUKU's Unique Feature

All RIKAWAFUKU stores have undergone verification and inspections by local health authorities and are registered as beauty salons. We operate our business with the same level of hygiene and facilities as beauty salons. You can confidently use our hair setting services.


History and Background of RIKAWAFUKU (梨花和服)

Trends in Customer Numbers for Kimono Rentals in the Last 3 Years
June 2017 RIKAWAFUKU Asakusa Shop OPEN
August 2017 Establishment of TripFarm Co., Ltd.
December 2018 RIKAWAFUKU Arashiyama Shop OPEN
Annual Visitors (January-December 2018) 13,984 people
March 2019 RIKAWAFUKU Gion Shop OPEN
July 2019 RIKAWAFUKU Kiyomizudera Shop OPEN
Annual Visitors (January-December 2019) 58,328 people
October 2020 Relocation of RIKAWAFUKU Arashiyama Shop to a larger store
October 2020 Relocation of RIKAWAFUKU Gion Shop to a larger store
Annual Visitors (January-December 2020) 67,223 people
Annual Visitors (January-December 2021) 87,611 people
February 2022 Relocation of RIKAWAFUKU Asakusa Shop to a larger store
February 2022 RIKAWAFUKU Kyoto Ekimae Shop OPEN
June 2022 RIKAWAFUKU Kawagoe Shop OPEN
December 2022 RIKAWAFUKU Kamakura Shop OPEN
Annual Visitors (January-December 2022) 188,655 people
About Permits and Approvals
  • Asakusa Shop: Beauty Parlor Opening Permit Approval No. 30Taikandaikenkan Ki 96
  • Gion Shop: Beauty Parlor Opening Permit Approval No. Kyoho Se No. 48
  • Arashiyama Shop: Confirmation of Beauty Parlor Inspection Approval No. Kyoho Se No. 634
  • Kiyomizudera Shop: Confirmation of Beauty Parlor Inspection Approval No. Kyoho Se No. 68
  • Others: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certification of Hospitality Standards 2019, Registration No. 030405470000


The Vision of RIKAWAFUKU

The Vision of RIKAWAFUKU

Creating the Best Day through Kimono

"We want to provide our customers with a wonderful day." RIKAWAFUKU started as a kimono rental shop with this intention. We aim to offer authentic kimonos at affordable prices that even students can enjoy, and our hairstyling services are of exceptional quality.

For this reason, we always maintain the highest quality of kimonos and continually improve our hairstyling techniques. RIKAWAFUKU believes that, through these efforts, we can provide our customers with the "best day" they deserve.

As of 2023, with the reduced impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is the potential for people to spend more time going out with friends and loved ones. We want to offer services that allow our customers to thoroughly enjoy this precious time by using kimono rentals in Kyoto, Asakusa, Kawagoe, and Kamakura. We aim to further promote the enjoyment of domestic travel, which people have come to appreciate in the pandemic era, with kimono as a keyword.

We will recall our thoughts on kimono from our founding days and continue to protect and preserve the beautiful, ancient Japanese culture of kimono. We also aspire to make kimono enjoyable for younger generations. RIKAWAFUKU will keep moving forward.


The World RIKAWAFUKU Aims For

The World RIKAWAFUKU Aims For

A World Where Kimono Is More Accessible. That's What RIKAWAFUKU Aims For.

When you think of kimono, you might imagine it being worn on very important occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings. However, traditionally, kimonos and yukatas were everyday clothing in Japanese culture.

We, the Kimono Rental RIKAWAFUKU, seek to rediscover this cultural heritage and combine it with modern hairstyling techniques, providing a service that allows people to have extraordinary experiences in their daily lives.

Through our service, we want to make it easier for people to try wearing kimono, even just for a weekend. Although we currently have stores in major tourist destinations like Kyoto, Asakusa, Kawagoe, and Kamakura, we aspire to expand to regional tourist areas and eventually make kimono experiences accessible in urban areas as well. Furthermore, we aim to provide kimono rental services nationwide, including delivery to people's homes.



Efforts to Welcome RIKAWAFUKU and Kyoto & Asakusa

Kimono Rental RIKAWAFUKU opened in June 2017. We started with a small shop in Asakusa and have now expanded to seven locations, including four in Kyoto and two in Kawagoe and Kamakura. When our Asakusa store first opened, there were many areas where we fell short, and we have made continuous improvements since then. Most of RIKAWAFUKU's products and services have been developed based on feedback from our staff and customers.

As of May 2023, the number of annual users has exceeded 180,000, and the number of staff involved with RIKAWAFUKU has exceeded 140. The responsibility of this magnitude has been deeply felt, especially due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

In the future, "safety and security" is expected to become the most important keyword to encourage customers to visit Asakusa, Kawagoe, Kamakura, and Kyoto. We will focus on improving store facilities and hygiene measures, even if it may add some inconvenience for our customers.

We will not forget the guiding principle from our founding days, which is to "run the business with firm steps without overburdening ourselves," and we will continue to make daily improvements to contribute to the development of Asakusa, Kawagoe, Kamakura, and Kyoto.

CEO Shingo Kajimoto

Casual Kimono Experiences for the Weekend

Kimono is often perceived as old-fashioned and uncomfortable, and places like Asakusa and Kyoto are seen as traditional but not exciting. I am deeply frustrated by these perceptions. Kimono should be more enjoyable, and Asakusa and Kyoto are more exciting places.

I hope people will enjoy Asakusa and Kyoto as a casual weekend destination and have fun in a more lighthearted and cost-effective manner, just like going to the movies or an amusement park. Through RIKAWAFUKU, I want people to feel that kimono is "cute," "fun," and "memorable" and rediscover the charm of Asakusa, Kyoto, and ultimately, the beauty of Japan.

Director Kento Takagi

Bringing Kimono Culture into Everyday Life through Kimono Rental

With the modernization brought about by the Meiji Restoration, kimono transformed into Western clothing and lost its role as everyday wear.

However, I believe that kimono is a means to enhance the beauty of women. I have faith that if more women become beautiful through kimono, it will make places like Kyoto and Asakusa, and the overall image of Japan, more vibrant.

The regions where Kimono Rental RIKAWAFUKU operates are still limited to Asakusa in Tokyo and Gion, Kiyomizudera, and Arashiyama in Kyoto. But I want to do my best to contribute to the enhancement of the image of my beloved Japan through RIKAWAFUKU, starting from Asakusa and Kyoto.

Director Akihiro Ito

Harnessing the Wonderful Power of Kimono for the Younger Generation

Kimono has the wonderful power to make people happy. Many customers who have rented kimono with us say things like, "I want to wear kimono again," "I want to try it in Kyoto next time," or "I feel motivated to work hard starting tomorrow." Through RIKAWAFUKU, I experience daily that kimono is one of Japan's splendid cultures.

Some people might think, "Mixing kimono with boots or a skirt?" when they see our kimono coordination at RIKAWAFUKU.

However, I believe that young customers in their teens and twenties enjoying kimono rentals by combining kimono with modern apparel is the formation of a new culture. At RIKAWAFUKU, we have staff, including senior kimono dressers, who say, "I had the chance to interact with a new kimono culture; there are discoveries every day."

In the future, I hope to continue sharing the wonderful power of kimono from RIKAWAFUKU.

Director Takeshi Takuwa