Asakusa Kimono Rental
Couple Plan

Couple Price (for 2 people)

¥10,000(Weekday rate, including tax)

¥11,000 (Weekend and holiday rate, including tax)

¥13,000 (27/07/2024, including tax)

★ Choose from all kimonos! Women's hair set included!

* Prices may vary depending on the day of the week and season. Please confirm when making a reservation.

Hair Arrangement Options

Yifu Hair Set (Ponytail Arrangement)
Yifu Hair Set (Braided Down Hair)
Yifu Hair Set (Braided Down Twin)
Yifu Hair Set (Low Updo)
Image of Yifu Hair Set Plan Hair Arrangement

Contents of Kimono Rental

Contents of the SetContents of the Set

  • Kimono
  • Juban (undergarment)
  • Hadajuban (thin undergarment)
  • Hanhaba-obi (half-width obi)
  • Zori sandals
  • Tabi socks
  • Kimono bag
  • Women's hair accessories
  • Dressing
  • Women's hair set
  • Luggage storage

* You can rent without bringing any items.

* The couple plan includes a women's hair set and hair accessories.

* Large baggage such as suitcases is an additional ¥1,000 (tax included).


From check-in to dressing and hair arrangement, it usually takes 45 to 70 minutes. The time to choose a kimono and the season may cause slight variations.

Reservation Acceptance PeriodReservation Acceptance Period

You can make reservations on the website up to 10 minutes before your desired date and time. During the summer season, women can choose yukata and summer kimonos. Men can choose yukata.

Return TimeReturn Time

No matter what time you make a reservation, the final return time is 5:30 PM. Please be aware that an extension fee will be charged if you exceed the return time.


* You can choose kimonos together as a couple, but dressing on the day will be in separate changing rooms for men and women.

* Because each person may have their own preferences for bangs, it is smoother if you come with your hair set in advance.

* Even if you are not a couple, as long as you are a male-female pair, you can use the couple plan. It is also available for friends.

List of Rental Items

  • For Women
  • For Men
  • Women's Kimono
    Women's Kimono
  • Half-Width Obi
    Half-Width Obi
  • Zori Sandals and Tabi Socks
    Zori Sandals and Tabi Socks
  • Juban (Undergarment)
    Juban (Undergarment)
  • Hadajuban (Thin Undergarment)
    Hadajuban (Thin Undergarment)
  • Kimono Bag
    Kimono Bag
  • Hair Accessories
    Hair Accessories
  • Men's Kimono
    Men's Kimono
  • Haori (Winter)
    Haori (Winter)
  • Kaku Obi
    Kaku Obi
  • Zori Sandals and Tabi Socks
    Zori Sandals and Tabi Socks
  • Juban (Undergarment)
    Juban (Undergarment)
  • Kimono Bag
    Kimono Bag

Kimono Rental Process

We'll walk you through the process of renting kimonos as a couple!

Frequently Asked Questions About Couple Plans

QCan we choose kimonos as a couple?
AYes, you can choose kimonos as a couple. However, the dressing rooms will be separate.
QDo you offer student discounts for couple plans?
AThere are no student discounts available since the plans are already priced affordably.
QCan I use hair extensions for the hair set?
AMost hair extensions are heat-resistant and can be used. However, we are not responsible for any damage, displacement, or related issues.
QMy height (or shoe size) is XX cm. Do you have sizes available?
AFor men: Kimonos are available for heights up to 190 cm, and shoe sizes up to 29 cm. For women: Most kimonos have a length of 168 cm, suitable for heights up to 170 cm. Heights beyond that may result in slightly shorter hems. Women's shoe sizes up to 27 cm are available.
QDo you provide hair setting services for men?
AWe do not offer hair setting services for men.
QCan two women use the couple plan together?
AYes, two women can use the couple plan. However, the service content remains the same as the Kimono Hair Set Plan for Women and Kimono Men's Plan.

Features of Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan

Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan
Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan
Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan

Exclusive for couples! Perfect for couple kimono rentals in Asakusa. This special rental plan for women includes hair styling and accessories at a discounted price. You can enjoy a combination of a hair styling plan and a men's plan at a couple discount price, starting from ¥10,000 per couple. This allows you to enjoy kimono rental in Asakusa cutely and affordably, with a ¥2,000 discount from the regular price!

Over 600 Kimono Varieties, Including Men's

Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store is the largest kimono rental shop in the Asakusa area, offering over 600 kimono varieties. We have a wide selection, ranging from trendy lace kimonos and antique kimonos to elegant kimonos and simple solid-colored kimonos. We have provided examples of couple kimono coordination in Asakusa. >> Enjoy a Winter Kimono Coordination Perfect for Retro Cafes in Asakusa
>>Images of Lace Kimono Rentals in Asakusa

Choosing Kimonos as a Couple in Asakusa is Fun!

Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store allows couples to choose rental kimonos together, making the kimono selection process a fun part of the date. It's enjoyable to plan your kimono coordination together, matching belt colors, selecting kimonos with similar color schemes, and exploring endless possibilities. Adjusting the color tone of the women's kimono to be slightly subdued makes them more photogenic. For an elegant look, black and brown are recommended.

Recommended for Couples Like This

Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan
Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan
Asakusa Kimono Rental Couple Plan

If you want to enjoy a kimono date as a couple or create memorable moments during a couple's trip, we recommend it! The Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store is just a 3-minute walk from Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa! You can enjoy your kimono date right after the rental. It's also a great option for those who want to see their boyfriend or girlfriend in a different light than usual. Be sure to enjoy kimono rental as a couple!

Look Cute in a Kimono with Hair Styling Included!

If you want to enjoy a kimono date as a couple or create memorable moments during a couple's trip, we recommend it! The Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store is just a 3-minute walk from Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa! You can enjoy your kimono date right after the rental. It's also a great option for those who want to see their boyfriend or girlfriend in a different light than usual. Be sure to enjoy kimono rental as a couple!

Points to Note When Renting Kimonos as a Couple in Asakusa

When renting kimonos as a couple in Asakusa, there are many things to be mindful of to enhance your experience during kimono exploration.

Arrive on Time for Reservations and Appointments

One thing you should absolutely avoid is being late. Being late on the day of your kimono date can disrupt your schedule, and you might even miss out on your reserved kimono experience. Avoid being late during your kimono date.

Pay Attention to Walking Speed After Wearing Kimonos

It's essential to match your walking pace with your partner. When wearing kimonos and wooden sandals, your walking speed will be slower than usual. Even if you're a fast walker, adjust your pace to match your partner's when they are in kimono attire.

Don't Be Shy About Wearing Kimonos in Asakusa

Men who are renting kimonos might feel a bit self-conscious before the experience, thinking they are attracting attention. However, once you try kimono rental, you'll see that many tourists in Asakusa are also wearing kimonos. There's no need to be embarrassed! Feeling overly self-conscious might affect the overall atmosphere of your kimono date, so be confident.

Asakusa is Perfect for Kimono Dates as a Couple!

If You Plan a Kimono Date in Asakusa, Start in the Morning!

If you're planning a kimono date in Asakusa, we recommend starting your activities in the morning. Asakusa Station is conveniently serviced by the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Toei Asakusa Line. Most businesses in Asakusa, including kimono rental shops and Nakamise Shopping Street, typically open early, and many shops close around 6 PM. Please note that Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store has a final return time of 5:30 PM. Also, the kimono dressing and hair styling for women take some time. So, start your activities in the morning with extra time to spare!

Once You Arrive in Asakusa, Rent Kimonos or Yukata at Nadeshiko Kimono

The beginning of your Asakusa date should start with kimono or yukata rental! Enjoy the Asakusa town and food while wearing kimonos or yukatas. Asakusa's townscape and traditional attire go perfectly together. For an Asakusa date, Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store's kimono rental is a great choice. With over 800 kimono varieties, including men's kimonos, and a process that takes about 45 minutes from arrival to departure, this kimono rental is highly recommended for couples. Both Asakusa kimono rentals and Asakusa yukata rentals for couples include hair styling, making them ideal for couples on an Asakusa date!

Enjoy the Classic Asakusa Activity of Food Tasting in Hoppy Street!

After wearing kimonos (yukatas), be sure to compliment your partner's appearance. Senso-ji Temple is just a 3-minute walk from Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store. You can visit Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street right after wearing kimonos. In Denpoin Street, you'll find many stalls, making it a perfect spot for a classic Asakusa date with a couple. Enjoy a food-tasting journey during your Asakusa date!

For a Memorable Photo, Take Pictures at Kaminarimon!

When it comes to symbols of Asakusa, Kaminarimon Gate is a must-visit! Your cute kimono-clad figure and the magnificent Kaminarimon Gate create an atmosphere of traditional Japan. Many people take photos in kimonos here. To capture memories of your Asakusa date, take pictures as a couple! Asakusa has many other popular Instagrammable spots, so you can be sure to capture charming photos in your kimono or yukata attire.

Ride a Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) as a Couple, a Traditional Asakusa Experience!

Asakusa has many rickshaws available for use. Rickshaw pullers in Asakusa are very knowledgeable about the area, its famous spots, and history. Walking in kimonos is different from walking in regular clothing, and it can be tiring for an extended period. When you want a break, consider using a rickshaw! They will take you around Asakusa, tell you interesting facts, and even take photos for you. It's perfect for a kimono date as a couple!

Visit Senso-ji Temple in Kimono or Yukata!

After taking photos at Kaminarimon Gate, continue straight down Nakamise Shopping Street, and you'll arrive at Senso-ji Temple! Senso-ji Temple is very close to Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store, so you can visit it first or on your way back. While enjoying a food-tasting journey along Nakamise Shopping Street, make a couple's visit to Senso-ji Temple, draw an omikuji (fortune slip), and enjoy the temple's atmosphere!

After Your Asakusa Date, Explore Tokyo Skytree or Hoppy Street!

Once you've finished your Asakusa sightseeing, you can explore nearby attractions such as Tokyo Skytree and Hoppy Street. Skytree is within walking distance from Asakusa, so you can easily reach it even in your kimono attire. Enjoy these attractions to round out your memorable day!

Share Your Photos on Instagram with #NadeshikoKimono!

Nadeshiko Kimono's Instagram account features many customer photos. If you take cute photos in your kimono or yukata during your Asakusa date, be sure to post them with #NadeshikoKimono on Instagram. Currently, we have a campaign where you can borrow a free mask when you do so. Feel free to reach out and participate!

Return Your Kimono or Yukata to Nadeshiko Kimono Asakusa Store

Returning your rented kimono or yukata will take about 10 minutes. The final return time is at 5:30 PM.

Book in 3 minutes

\ Over 180,000 People Served Annually /

Popular Kimono Rental Plans in Asakusa

Rent without any hassle! All kimono types are available for selection, from lace kimono to retro classic patterns!

Asakusa Kimono Hair Set Student Discount Plan

Asakusa Kimono Hair Set Student Discount Plan

¥5,000 and up(tax included)

A cost-effective student-exclusive plan with hair set and hair accessories included. Available to students of all ages and nationalities (ages 10 and up).

Asakusa Kimono Couple Plan

Asakusa Kimono Couple Plan

¥10,000 and up(tax included)

Get a discount of ¥2,000 for couples! The most economical plan for couples. Women's hair set and hair accessories included. A very popular plan for Asakusa sightseeing!

Asakusa Kimono Hair Set Plan

Asakusa Kimono Hair Set Plan

¥6,000 and up(tax included)

Hair set and hair accessories included! A classic plan for female customers at Rikawafuku. We offer a variety of five hair set options and regularly update our trendy hair accessories.

Kimono Rental Rika Kimono Asakusa Shop

Kimono Rental Rikawafuku Asakusa Shop