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Honoka Yokoyama|Instagram: cheer__08

2018 . 09 . 24 | Couple dating

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I had a great time for my important Tokyo trip, thanks to the Kimono rental.

I chose Rika-Wafuku to rental Kimono at Asakusa which I always wanted to do, to make a great memory for my Tokyo trip from Hokkaido.

Posts of my friend wearing Kimono on Instagram was amazing and beautiful.


Asakusa has many great places to takae photos with you Yukata on.


I took the staff reccomendation of a great photo spot which was the windmill of Kagetsudo.

It was beautiful. There were many people in Kimono, so that place seemed very popular.

The photo with the windmill was colorful and pretty.

Enjoying many food in Kimono made me feel like “I’m totally enjoying Asakusa!”. Especially the melon bread.

I was surprized when tourists from overseas were taking photos of me.

It was a very special day since my boyfriend looked great by his different outfit.

Great customer survice listening our needs!


I was very satisfied by the kind and helpful service for my special day.

It was also enjoyable while dressing up because they were good at having fun conversations.

Having all the Kimonos and Yukatas on the same floor were good too, because we can select them together.

It was very fun not just wearing the Kimono, but while dressing up as well too.


I want to share that “Renting Kimono is a blast” to my friends a college.


I want itrodce it to my friends!

The quick operation of dressing up was wonferful!

The beautiful hair set and the reccomendation of great spots in Asakusa made the best Tokyo tour in my life! Thank you very much!

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Kimono Hairset Plan


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Kimono Couple Plan


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Kimono Student Plan


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