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Renting Kimono with my family and sightseeing Asakusa!

Renting Kimono with my family and sightseeing Asakusa!

I rented Yukatas at Asakusa to make memories for summer with my family!

Since my child was very small, I was worried of any inconvinience dressing up, but there was no problem thanks to the kind staff.


Extremely excited son! Running aroung Senso-ji!


My son was running around Senso-ji getting extremely excited in Yukata! Seeemed like he really had fun.

Our rental was from the afternoon but thanks to the staffs advice, we had an efficient tour around Asakusa!

Many photo spots like the pretty Shutter street, Hoppi street and Senso-ji.

It was my first visit to the night time Asakusa wich was more nostalgic and it felt like I timeslipped.

Not only they helped us dress up, but they informed us about the trend too!


The quick but gentle dressing and hair set was great!

The knowledge and advice of the trained staff made it easier to select the Yukata!

I was glad that my children were enjoying it.

The view of my family having a good time with thei natural smile was extraordinary and memoriable!

Eveyone shoud try. It’s so Japanese and beautiful.

Rika-Wafuku is I think the best because the location like Senso-ji is perfect , the rich variety of Kimono and Yukata! I would definetely use it again!

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