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2018 . 10 . 6 | Instagram

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Make your Instagram gorgeous visiting cool places around Asakusa with your rental Kimono on!

Here is a story from one of our customer loveyuka06, which also is an Instagrammer!

I love the Japanese culture of Kimono and Yukata, and also the atmosphere Asakusa designs.

I love the Japanese culture of Kimono and Yukata! There are many traditional culture left in Asakusa, especially the atmosphere of Senso-ji is amazing.

The food is aslo a point to introduce about Asakusa. For example, the rice cracker of Izumiy is absolutely for instagram because the shape looks like a cat and it’s so cute!

The green tea soft-serve ice cream has this strong flavor of the green tea, it was so good.

Moved to the Art aquerium from Asakusa and found hot spots for Instagram!

I visited the Art aquerium in Nihonbashi(Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Muromachi, 14th floor )

It was a fabulace time taking many photos thanks to the rental experience, because going there wearing Yukata was one of the things that I wanted to do for a long time.


Thousands of goldfishes and carps were on display and the color of light changed one after another and was surprisingly beautiful.

I also went to the Wind-Chime Forest Path(Fukutoku Garden, Fukutoku shrine)! There’s no summer without wind-chimes!

Your Instagram will be extraordinary taking photos by the wind-chimes with your Yukata on.

Everyone should try this rental Kimono service!

I’m always introducing it by posting photos of Yukata and Kimono to my followers through sns such as Instagram as well.

Amazingly polite staffs and the rich variety of Kimono and Yukata!

The asortment of Kimono and Yukata was surprisingly great!

The dressing and the hair set was quicker than I thought, thanks to the supportive staff recommending me a great obi when I couldn’t decide by myself.

The last summer for the Heisei era, I had an amazing day visiting many places with my Yukata on and taking tons of photos.

I feel very satisfied and gratefull having this kind of experience. A big thanks to all the staffs that supported me.

The dresser and the stylist were also really kind.

Their advice of what kind of hair style fits me, and the difficult styling they afterall did me was wonderfull.

>From Rika-Wafuku

loveyuka06, thank you for using our rental service! Take a visit to her Instagram since she seems to have many beautiful posts!

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Kimono Hairset Plan

Kimono Hairset Plan


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Everything you need for Kimono dressing including hair sets and decorations, will be prepared.

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Kimono Couple Plan


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Kimono Student Plan


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*Please show your student pass at the front desk.