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Rental Kimono at Asakusa for international exchange!

Rental Kimono at Asakusa for international exchange!

I always wanted to wear Kimono since I loveit. Especialy the patterns and colors.


Ramune and shave ice matches well with your Yukata


The Raimon is one of a must-visit spot, and there were a building that had somekind of monument.

The atmosphere of Hanayashiki street was amazing. The Hana-Dango was obviously matched well with my Yukata.

Ramune goes well wiht too. I stood by the “ice flag” and became an “ice girl”. Lol

Japans summer must start with Yukata, Ramune and shave icee.

There were many people from overseas in Asakusa!

They set my hair and chose hair accessories that goes well with my Yukata.


I had many favorite Yukatas but I though hard and chose one that should most fit me.

They asked very careful about my taste for the hair set. In the end, I had this perfect outfit with the perfect hair dedcorated by pretty accessories.

Everyone were so kind from the beginning to the end,and that felt very comfortable and happy.

Also the rich variety of the pattern and color is one of the good points too.


Enjoyed international exchangements and got totaly excited.


I enjoyed 120% than usual the whole day.

Many foreign tourisits talks to us which makes it an international exchange. A wonderful achedemic experiece.

The Ukiyoe taste wall painting of a store matched very well with the patterns of my Yukata. It felt artistic and beautiful for Instagram.

I would like to introduce Kimono rental to my foreign friends and school friends.

It would be wonderful wearing it at summer events since there are very few opportunities to dress up like this in usual retail stores.

The beautiful Kimono is of course perfect for Instagram, so let your followers see how pretty it is when your dressed in Yukata!

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