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Couples who want something extraordinary, rental Kimonos!

Couples who want something extraordinary, rental Kimonos!

We usauly hang out for meals and drinks like friends do. So we were looking for something interesting like a Kimono date in Asakusa!

First we were kind of worried of being the only one wearing Kimono, but it happened to be a releaf that there were many people dressed the same at Senso-ji!


The Kimono experience and watching my partner looking totally different was extraordinary!


We became a lot more closer watching each other dressed different.

Being dressed up in Kimono was a exciting and extraordinary experience, since we have very few opportunities to do so.

Surprized by the quick dressing and hair set


At the rental shop, all the staffs seemed very educated by how they introduce recommendable Kimonos and Yukatas, and the way they kept us company when we were waiting and so on.

Very satisfied by their quick dressing and hair set.

My girlfriend was extremely beautiful when she same out fully dressed.


Would you tell us about your date route while renting Kimono?


First we headed to the Denpoin-street from the Asakusa-nitenmon gate, which is the closest from Rika-Wafuku.

We had “Asakusa minced meat cutlet” with beer at the Denpoin-street. It was amazing.

After wandering around the Denpoin-street for a little more, then went through Hoppi-street. Very energetic…

At the Raimon-street, we finally got to take a photo in front of the Raimon. My new GoPro was so usefull!

Then we went through the Nakamise-street, and drew and oracle but, Oh no! My girfriend picked the bad luck slip! Lol

So we bathed the famous smoke of incense for more luck. We also prayed for a boost of fortune at Senso-ji

Then we took a cab to the Tokyo Skytree and over looked the whol city of tokyo. Didn’t know that Tokyo Skytree was that close to Asakusa!

It was a wonderful day having an unusual exciting date with my girlfriend whom looked amazing!

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