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Rent Yukata at Asakusa and make it a memory of the last summer of Heisei-era!

Rent Yukata at Asakusa and make it a memory of the last summer of Heisei-era!

I decided to rent Kimono at Asakusa to make a great memory for the last summer of Heisei-era.

Many people in Asakusa were dressed in Yukata and Kimono. It was a very fun place!


Many photo spots around Senso-ji!


We had some food at the Nakamise arcade after walking around Senso-ji. Then walked by the Sumida river watching the scenery and went back.

The “Asakusa minced meat cutlet” was delicious and the scenery of Sumida park was great!

There were many people around the incense spot taking photos!


Perfect hair set that keeps under the typhoon!


I was amazed by the strength of the setted hair that kept it’s shape and beauty under the strong wind from the typhoon!

They also helped me chose what hair accesory to take with my Yukata.

Taking many great memoriable photos was wonderful. I woud like to come again for a Yukata date.

Great for people that do not usually wear Yukata and Kimono!


It was a great experience taking many beautiful photos, and also being asked many times to take pics with foreign tourists.

People that don’t usually wear Yukata, or ones that are planning to go to a firework festival shoul try once.

That’s because only through this kind of service, you would be able to dress up in unusual outfits and get your hair done pretty and so on.

Of course, people from overseas should use this service to enjoy Japan.

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