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Making memories renting Kimono with my friend from oversea!

Making memories renting Kimono with my friend from oversea!

Since my friend came back and I haven’t wore Kimono for a while, I decided to rent Yukata.

Surprized by the amazed tourists from overseas looking at us dressed.

Many foreing tourists asked us to take photos together.Felt like a celebrity, not bad!

The reaction was amazing. Taking photos together was actually fun.

I had may great food while walking through Asakusa!

Traditional Japanese foods like, Taiyaki, rice crackers, Ningyo-yaki are beautiful and delicious.

My friend seemed happy because these food are very rare in other copuntries.

I had a great time having wonderful food, viewing traditional buildings like Senso-ji wearing Yukata.

Not so often we have opportunities to wear Yukata, so I was really happy to enjoy summer like this.

I again thought that Yukata is great. Taking photos in front of Senso-ji and Goju-no-to would be nice for your Instagram.


The rich variety of Yukata and the customer service was great!


The hair set and dressing was so pretty, I was so excited.

The rich variety of beautiful Kimono and Yukata and the wonderful customer service made my whole day awsome!

There were young stylists that has great taste, and dressers that has wel trained skills from their long carreer, which made me absolutely relieved to rent Kimono.


Reccomendable for your friends and foreign tourists!


I really thought that I wanted to introduce it to my friends.

Many foreign tourists seemed very interested, and were taking photos, so I thought they should try too.


It would definetely become one of their best memories.

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