Stroll around Asakusa in a simple kimono

Stroll around Asakusa in a simple kimono

Hello! This is Kimono rental Rikawafuku Asakusa Store!
The temperature has suddenly risen, and it has become quite hot✨

The yukata season is just around the corner, so there’s only a little time left to wear kimono!!
This time, we took a walk around spring-like Asakusa in a simple kimono🌸

We took lots of photos that can serve as references for your walk, so please check them out!

※This article was created and supervised by the marketing department of TripFarm Co., Ltd., which operates Kimono rental Rikawafuku Asakusa Store.

Recommended for Visiting Kimono Lovers! Simple Coordination Introduction!

Simple Kimono

This is the kimono we wore this time! It is a simple kimono recommended for those who like visiting kimono!

The soft pink kimono blends well with the skin, and simple Japanese balls are discreetly drawn on it.
Since it is not plain, the low hurdle is also attractive!

We added embroidered collars, heko obi, obi ties, and bags as optional items!
Incorporating soft lace material around the neck makes the face look softer✨

Also, by using the ivory of the embroidered collar as the base color and unifying the colors of the heko obi and obi ornaments, the overall kimono coordination gives a neat impression!

The rental plan we used this time is the Asakusa Kimono Hair Set Plan.

The hairstyle is, of course, an upstyle!
The item that matches the classic pattern is the “mizuhiki.”
We have a wide variety of items with different sizes and colors, including single-color gold and silver, as well as two-color items!

You can freely choose hair accessories to match the atmosphere of your kimono!
This time, we aimed for a classical and simple atmosphere, so we created a soft look by adding flowers and baby’s breath without using too many colors!

Kimono rental Rikawafuku’s Hair Set

Recommended Poses for a Stroll📸

Asakusa has many shooting spots and activities, from classic to hidden gems!
Please take lots of photos while strolling in such kimono♥

This time, we will introduce some recommended shots, so please try to imitate them!!

First, the classic selfie looks even cuter in a kimono!📸

Simple Kimono

First, the classic selfie shot!
Nakamise Street leading to Sensoji Temple is a classic shooting spot!

In psychology, there are concepts like the “costume effect” and “dress effect,”
so please leave a lot of photos of yourself in a completely different atmosphere from usual♥

Capture natural moments with kimono shots!

Simple Kimono

Next is a photo like an off-shot during a walk!
It is a recommended shot as it captures natural expressions.

By taking a casual shot from diagonally behind while walking, you can capture natural expressions!
The key is to be relaxed!

Kimono exposes the nape of the neck, and with an upstyle, it makes the neck line and face contour look beautiful, so aiming for profile photos can result in wonderful pictures◎

Challenge Retro Cute Kimono Look in a Cafe!

Simple Kimono

Asakusa has many long-established cafes, which attract a lot of attention from retro lovers!
This time, we took photos at “Lodge Akashi.”
Founded in Showa 48! It is a good old cafe selected as one of the 100 famous shops!

The showcase inside the store is filled with lacquerware such as teapots✨
Waiting for the dishes was also fun!

Since it was a bit hot that day, I ordered a coffee float!
The fragrant coffee brewed with a siphon after ordering, and the sweet ice cream is exquisite!

Photos during such munching time are also cute!
Please also take retro-style photos with the lacquerware in the background!

This time, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around Asakusa in simple kimono coordination!
It is the season of fresh greenery, and the scenery is also very beautiful!

From July onwards, it will be yukata rental, so don’t miss this last chance before that✨
We look forward to seeing you at Kimono rental Rikawafuku Asakusa Store.

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