White x colorful floral pattern kimono

White x colorful floral pattern kimono

Hello there! I’m Kimono rental RIkawafuku Rental in Kyoto

Today, we’re introducing some recommended kimono outfits!
White is a charming color that perfectly suits the upcoming season, creating a bright and cheerful mood. At Kimono rental RIkawafuku, we have a wide selection of white kimonos available.

In this article, we’ll showcase some recommended white kimono outfits ♡

※ This article was created and supervised by the Marketing Department of TripFarm Corporation, which operates Kimono rental RIkawafuku Rental in Kyoto.

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Introduction to This Kimono Outfit!

White kimono with floral pattern

Here’s the overall impression of the kimono outfits we’re introducing today. The overall impression is bright and full of girlishness ♡

This is a recommended outfit for those who want a girly kimono look! White also enhances the tone of the skin ♡

This time, it’s a Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Plan which includes hair styling.

Thorough Analysis of the Kimono Outfit 👀

White kimono with floral pattern

The obi is a creamy white color. For the obi sash, we chose a vermilion color to coordinate the entire outfit ♡

Furthermore, there’s a flower motif at the center of the obi sash, linking it with the floral pattern of the kimono 😊

The Back Style of the Obi Sash is also Lovely ♡

White kimono with floral pattern

Here’s how the back style looks! The tulle is white, fluffy and delicate ♡

Adding volume to the back style enhances the girlish atmosphere even more, highly recommended!

When choosing accessories, be sure to add tulle for an extra touch ✨

Kimono Rental Accessory Options

Beautiful Updo Hairstyle


The hairstyle is an updo that complements the kimono perfectly ♡
For the hair accessory, we selected pink flowers.

Since floral patterns give a traditional impression, we opted for a tied-up style. The large single flower is a focal point and adds a lot of elegance 🌸

Kimono rental RIkawafuku Rental – Your Destination for Kimono Rentals!

White kimono with floral pattern

How was it?

Today, we introduced a coordination of white kimono with colorful floral patterns!
The key feature of this outfit is its full girlishness ♡

With so many kimonos to choose from, it can be overwhelming…
But when you’re in doubt, you can always refer to the outfits we introduced in this article ♡

Enjoy kimono rental at Kimono rental RIkawafuku Rental! ✨

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They offer affordable plans, with a kimono dressing plan starting from 3,500 yen, and a hair setting plan from 5,500 yen.
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