Summary of simple kimono coordination

Summary of simple kimono coordination

Hello! Welcome to Rikawafuku Kimono Rental in Kyoto 💟

At Rikawa Kimono, we offer a wide variety of kimonos, ranging from girly styles to chic, sophisticated solid colors and traditional patterns, as well as lace kimonos and original designs. ✨

This time, we’ll introduce some simple kimono styles with fewer patterns ☻ They suit a wide range of ages, so be sure to check them out!

*This article was created and supervised by TripFarm Co., Ltd., which operates Rikawafuku Kimono Rental in Kyoto.

Grey-toned Kimono ☻

Grey-toned Kimono

This kimono is recommended for those who want to exude sophistication with its muted grey tones. ♡

By choosing a brown obi, you can tighten the overall coordination, and opting for an obi with a subtle accent is even better! ◎

Refreshing Light Blue Kimono ♡

Light Blue Kimono

This kimono gives a refreshing impression with its light blue color. ♡

In this coordination, adding black tulle creates a sophisticated navy x black ensemble!

It’s a perfect color for the upcoming season! ♡

Yellow-toned Kimono ✨

Yellow-toned Kimono

This is a kimono with yellow tones. ★

With a few white floral patterns, it adds a pop of color to the coordination and enhances the stylishness.

Choosing a light-colored obi will complete the overall girly and fluffy impression of the coordination!

It’s recommended to combine kimono rental with a hair set. Please consider booking a plan with hair set included! 🌟

Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Plan

White-toned Kimono ♬

White-toned Kimono

White-toned kimonos can drastically change impressions with accessories, making it easy to personalize your kimono coordination.

In this coordination, opting for a light purple obi completes an overall girlish impression!

Using a pearl obi-dome further enhances the girly vibe. ☝♡

Choose Rikawafuku Kimono Rental in Kyoto!

Yellow-toned Kimono

How was it?

This time, we introduced kimonos with simple colors and minimal patterns. ♡

Playing with accessories makes it easy to create your own coordinated style, which is a feature of simple kimono styles!

Whether you want a cute or sophisticated impression, we can meet each of your needs!

When you’re undecided on which kimono to choose, please refer to this guide. 😊💟

Rikawafuku Kimono Rental in Kyoto has 4 stores in Kyoto (Arashiyama, Gion, Kiyomizu Temple, and Kyoto Station). Same-day reservations are also available, so feel free to make a reservation!

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