Pure white kimono and simple colored kimono coordination

Pure white kimono and simple colored kimono coordination

Hello there! We are Kimono Rental Rikawafuku in Kyoto. 🤍💭

This time, we’re introducing adult coordination with a pure white kimono and simple color kimono! ✨ Recommended for those who want a simple kimono coordination or want to rent a kimono with an adult-like vibe. ♡

It’s also perfect for kimono rental during the autumn foliage season, so please feel free to use it as a reference!

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kimono rental rikawafuku in kyoto

Pure white kimono is elegant and lovely

Simple kimono coordination

This pure white kimono with a glossy finish exudes luxury. 🤍 This time, we tried an adult-like kimono style. ☺️

The obi is also in a white color scheme, ensuring a unified look. ✨※ The obi cannot be changed separately from the kimono.

To create an adult-like kimono appearance, we’ve opted not to use tulle, only adding obi accessories! We’ve chosen simple antique-style obi accessories. 🕯️

Overall, you can achieve a simple and unified adult kimono coordination. 💭

This white kimono is available at all our stores, so be sure to check it out! ✅

<Options Used>
・Obi accessories

<Rental Plan Used>
Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Plan

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Simple color kimono is also adorable ♡

Simple kimono coordination

Color kimonos like this one can also be used for favorite activities! 🌷 Despite being a simple kimono, you can create a girly kimono coordination by combining it with options cleverly! ✨

Choosing lace innerwear or pearl material instantly adds a girly touch. 🤍

Kimono Rental Rikawafuku also offers plenty of plain-colored kimonos.

The key point is to add options according to the atmosphere you want to create. 📍

<Options Used>
・Lace innerwear
・Obi accessories

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If you’re renting a kimono in Kyoto, choose Kimono Rental Rikawafuku!

Simple kimono coordination

At Kimono Rental Rikawafuku, you can choose from all the kimonos available in-store regardless of the rental plan ✨, so you can easily understand and use them as the price does not change depending on the kimono. 😉

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In addition to the Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Plan introduced this time, we also offer special deals for couples with the Kyoto Kimono Couple Plan and discounts for students with the Kyoto Kimono Hair Set Student Discount Plan when presenting a student ID.

Let Kimono Rental Rikawafuku help you create wonderful memories! ♡ We look forward to your reservations. 🙇

kimono rental rikawafuku in kyoto

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