Introducing how to create a similar look with kimono rental!

Introducing how to create a similar look with kimono rental!

This year, due to the nationwide travel support, we have had many customers visit us during the winter season as well 🙇♡

Throughout the year, the most common group of customers are female friends together!

This time, we introduce how to create a 🌠 similar look (twin kimono coordination) that you might want to try out with kimono rental!

※This article was created by the marketing team of Kyoto Kimono Rental Rika Wafuku, operated by TripFarm Co., Ltd..

What is a Similar Look in Kimonos 💭?

Similar Look Coordination with Kimono Rental
👆The image is something like this!👆

This time we coordinated kimono rentals in pale tones of blue and pink♡

If you’re going to wear a kimono, you’ll want to wear one that reflects your and your friend’s preferences and looks great in photos when lined up together🥰

The key to a similar kimono coordination is not only how it looks when lined up but also that each kimono coordination is cute on its own!

How to Create a Similar Look

This time we introduce how to create such similar coordinates!
There are just 3 key points 📝✨

Please refer to these when choosing your kimono☺

① Choose kimonos of a similar style

First, you choose the kimonos◎
Choosing the right kimono is the most important part when creating a similar coordination👐

For similar kimono coordination, it’s okay if the kimonos are not completely different colors as long as the atmosphere is close!

Similar Look Coordination with Kimono Rental
These kimono coordinations actually have different patterns 😲

This time, we looked for kimonos with a similar vibe, focusing on 【floral patterns】×【light colors】.

You can freely combine other elements, such as 【antique】×【fine patterns】, 【large patterns】×【light colors】, and more…

>>Kyoto Lace Kimono Rental Plans and Lace Kimono List
>>Kyoto Antique Kimono Rental Plans and Retro Kimono List

The most important thing is that the first impression is similar 😂

>>Original Kimono List by Rika Wafuku

② Use different colors (or the same) accessories!

Once you’ve chosen the kimonos, next is selecting the accessories📝
The point of choosing accessories is to make sure they are different colors (or exactly the same)◎

It’s okay if kimonos have a similar vibe even if they are not different colors, but
accessories should be matched well to easily achieve a similar look☺

Similar Look Coordination with Kimono Rental
This time, we matched the embroidered collars, and the bags, belts, tulle, and belt decorations are all different colors👀✨

The unity when lined up is perfect👍♡

And of course, each individual coordination is also cute🥺💕

Blue-toned rental kimono
Rika Wafuku offers a wide variety of options to choose from◎

Pink-toned rental kimono
We have prepared many rental kimonos in different colors and similar styles so that you can easily create similar looks!

>Introduction to kimono rental accessories options hereOption Introduction Here

③ Have the same hairstyle

Lastly, the hair set👧🎀
At Rika Wafuku, you can choose from four hair set patterns.

If you want to increase the similarity, we recommend matching hairstyles for the two of you🙆

This time, both chose updos♡

Similar Look Coordination with Kimono Rental
While matching the overall vibe, you can also express individuality by changing the hair ornaments!

>Hair set introduction atHair Sets by Rika Wafuku

Try out a kimono similar look at least once👭💕
Keep in mind the points we’ve introduced,
and definitely give it a try🥺✨

Rika Wafuku also offers a student discount plan that is a great deal for students! When using the similar look, make sure to take advantage of the student discount plan!
>Kyoto Kimono Rental Student Discount Plan

About Nationwide Travel Support

At Rika Wafuku, coupons related to nationwide travel support can be used 🙇
Please note that other payments are cash only!💴

Author of This Article

Kyoto Kimono Rental Rikawafuku
(Operating Company: TripFarm Corporation)

Rikawafuku operates four kimono rental stores in Kyoto City, including Arashiyama, Gion, Kiyomizu Temple, and in front of Kyoto Station, with an annual usage record of over 180,000 people in the Kyoto area for 2022!
Dressing plans start from 4,000 yen, and hair set plans are also available from 5,500 yen.
Close to popular tourist destinations like Togetsukyo Bridge, Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Koshindo, and Yasaka Shrine!

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