With foreigners

Enjoy Kimono Rental with foreigners

1Meet at Asakusa station at 10 or 13 o'clock

If you bring foreign customer together, we recommend you to come in the morning or the noon. It might be difficult to wear kimono for long time since they are not used to it.


I arrived to Asakusa station! It's so crowded with tourists!


I'll pick you up! Wait there!

We have various styles of kimono

2Always available in English and Chinese

We are available in English and Chinese all the time. We also have Korean speaking staff!


I really can't choose kimono~


Maybe you can choose based on your favourite colour!

Foreigners with kimono

3Take a photo of being in kimono

Take a photo before kimono may loose the shape. We are only 3 minutes away from Sensou ji temple!


So this is Sensou ji temple! So Japanese!


It's one of most famous temple in Japan!

Tourists and Kaminari-mon

4Must place to visit for tourists!

Photo in front of Kminari-mon will be a memorial one! It is always crowded with tourists.


People of all the nationalities visit here!


Japanese from other areas than Tokyo also come!

Reservation flow

5How about taking on Rikisha with Kimono?

Even people not wearing kimono get on rikisha! As a memory of Asakusa, we recommend you to take it!


It's much faster that I thought!


Actually it's first time for me as well! I'll translate the explanation of driver!

Shopping in Nakamise street

6Get souveniors of Japan in Nakamise street

There are so many Japanese souveniors sold only in Asakusa. Some tourists buy Yukata here loving rental yukata.


So many detailed souveniors!


They are Japanese traditional crafts. So pretty right?

Visiting Sensou ji temple with tourists

7Do not forget to visit the main hall and pray!

The stairs in front of the main hall I also popular spot for tourists. Introduce them luck-telling paper and insence!


I can stay calm here! Wanna come at night too!


It is illuminated so pretty at night!

Return to Asakusa Kimono Rental Rika-wafuku

8After enjoying sightseeing in Asakusa, return Kimono/Yukata

Changing from Kimono will be completed in approximetely in 10 minutes. You can of course use the bathromm.


Now we're released from the hold of Obi! Let's go to have dinner!


Okay there's Ippudo ramen shop near here!

Recommend Plan & Course for this Season

Famous and reasonable Course

We hava many other courses

Kimono Hairset Plan

Kimono Hairset Plan


Kimono rental for everyone! The basic plan with professional hair setting for ladies.

Everything you need for Kimono dressing including hair sets and decorations, will be prepared.

*The Hair Set plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Couple Plan

Kimono Couple Plan


For Asakusa dates! A reasonable Kimono rental plan for couples.

Select your Kimono together. The fitting room will be separated.

*The Couple Plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Student Plan

Kimono Student Plan


Anyone who has their student pass can apply! A reasonable Kimono rental plan with hair settings for ladies.

Hair decorating, professional hair setting, and Kimono dressing are included in the student plan.

*Please show your student pass at the front desk.