Fireworks festival

We are open untill 10 pm

1We are open untill 10pm in the summer

The latest return time in the summer is 21:30 so you can wear kimono for fireworks festival at night. We are open until late time specially for Sumidagawa fireworks and Edogawa fireworks.


I wanna go to fireworks festival in the summer!


I wanna wear Yukata then!

Fireworks festival in Tokyo area

2You can visit various fireworks and summer festivals from Asakusa Kimono Rental Rika-wafuku

Customers who went to Sumidagawa, Edogawa, Katsushika, Meiji-jingu and Adachi fireworks festival used our service. Also popular for Azabu-juban festival and Nezu shrine festival!


Which festival shall we go?


Maybe we can watch fireworks calmly in Adachi!

We have Yukata more than 300 styles

3We have Yukata more than 3300 pieces

We have trendy Yukata as well as chic one. Couples can choose Yukata together!


White one is good in the summer!


Everything is so pretty that I can't choose~!

sightseeing in Asakusa and fireworks

4You can enjoy both sightseeing and fireworks!

Visit Asakusa with rental Yukata before going to fireworks festival! There are a lot of summer foods like shaved ice or ice cream!


Shall we rent Yukata early and visit Asakusa?


It's so rare that you actually plan

Yukata rental for fireworks festival

5You will be ready in 45minutes to 1h15minutes

We have enough staffs in fireworks festival day so that you can prepare all around in 1 hour


Woww you look so good in Yukata!


Am I? lol Let's go~

Preparation for fireworks festival

6Do not forget to prepare for fireworks festival

You might get blisters on your foot if you walk a lot in Yukata. Prepare beforehand!


How about putting plaster beforehand not to get blisters?


Did you prepare that? Woww!

Crowded festival

7It is important to avoid congestion in foreworks festival

It is expected that trains will be crowded badly. Go to the venue early!


We should go back early to return Yukata


I'm satisfied to watch fireworks!!! Thatnks!!

You can return Yukata next day!

8You go back to home in Yukata and return it next day

If it is difficult to return within that day, you can return it next day. Tell us if you wish to do that.


We might be late for the retun time


We can change the plan to return next day!

Recommend Plan & Course for this Season

Famous and reasonable Course

We hava many other courses

Kimono Hairset Plan

Kimono Hairset Plan


Kimono rental for everyone! The basic plan with professional hair setting for ladies.

Everything you need for Kimono dressing including hair sets and decorations, will be prepared.

*The Hair Set plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Couple Plan

Kimono Couple Plan


For Asakusa dates! A reasonable Kimono rental plan for couples.

Select your Kimono together. The fitting room will be separated.

*The Couple Plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Student Plan

Kimono Student Plan


Anyone who has their student pass can apply! A reasonable Kimono rental plan with hair settings for ladies.

Hair decorating, professional hair setting, and Kimono dressing are included in the student plan.

*Please show your student pass at the front desk.