Asakusa dating in a video

Come to Asakusa Kimono Rental Rika-wafuku from Asakusa

1Meet at 11 o'clock at Asakusa station

For couples who want to enjoy Kimono from the morning, We recommend to book before the noon.


We are late for the time! Is it okay for the shop?


It looks fine but we need hurry anyway!

Rent Kimono at Asakusa Kimono Rental Rika-wafuku as a couple.

2Rental of Kimono and Yukata at Rika-Wafuku

You can be ready to go out in Kimono in 45mins to 1and a half hours. The couple course is reasonable since it has hairstyling included.


Kimono looks so good on you!!


Really?? Thanks! Let's go to Asakusa then!

Eating snacks while walking around Asakusa

3We recommend Denpouin street to eat snacks!

It takes only 3 minutes in walking from Rika-Wafuku to Asakusa. Eating snacks while looking around is recommended in lunch time!


Katsu and melon taste bread are famous here!


I wanna eat matcha ice cream though…

Reservation flow

4Photoshooting in front of Kaminari-mon!

This photoshooting will be a great memory for two! Go sightseeing including all the faous spots!


Rikishas are aggressively persuading us to take them! Do you wanna ride on?


I actually want to! Are they expensive?

Get on Rikisha with rental Kimono

5Try Asakusa's traditional transportation Rikisha

Tell Rikisha drivers your opinion not accepting all the solicitation! We can also offer the service of Rikisha if you wish to.


It's interesting to hear a lot of stories of Asakusa!


Rikisha driver took photos soooo well

Visit the main hall of Sensou ji temple with Kimono

6Going to the main hall!

Put smoke of insence on yourself and also pick a fortune-telling paper strip! Sensou ji temple at night is also beautiful to visit!


What did you wish?


Not gonna tell you~!

Dating in Asakusa

7Do whatever you want to after the visit

It is also popular to go to Tokyo Skytree. Drinking in Hoppy street or having a meal in a fancy restaurant is GOOD as well!


Shall we take a rest because I'm quite tired!


Ok, let's go the café I wanna go!

Return Kimono to Rika-Wafuku

8Return Yukata or Kimono you rented

It takes only 10 minutes to return everything. You can also extend the time untill 21:30 with additional price 1000 yen in the summer!


I feel releived by taking off Kiomono.


I wanna come to Asakusa again to see fireworks or night view next time!

Recommend Plan & Course for this Season

Famous and reasonable Course

We hava many other courses

Kimono Hairset Plan

Kimono Hairset Plan


Kimono rental for everyone! The basic plan with professional hair setting for ladies.

Everything you need for Kimono dressing including hair sets and decorations, will be prepared.

*The Hair Set plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Couple Plan

Kimono Couple Plan


For Asakusa dates! A reasonable Kimono rental plan for couples.

Select your Kimono together. The fitting room will be separated.

*The Couple Plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Student Plan

Kimono Student Plan


Anyone who has their student pass can apply! A reasonable Kimono rental plan with hair settings for ladies.

Hair decorating, professional hair setting, and Kimono dressing are included in the student plan.

*Please show your student pass at the front desk.