Walking in Asakusa

Come to Asakusa Kimono Rental Rika-wafuku from Asakusa station

1Meet at Asakusa station at 13:00

If you experience walking in Kimono for the first time, coming around the noon is recommended! You can enjoy it right after you come to our shop, which is only 3 mintes away from Sensou ji temple.


We haven't had lunch yet…


We can eat snacks while walking Nakamise-street!

Photoshooting with hairstyling

2Get rental Kimono or Yukata and hairstyling!

Kimono rental and hairstyling set is popular. 1000 yen discount for students. We have enough space for changing and preparation.


I can't choose Kimono…they have a lot!!!


Let's pick one based on Instagram posts!

Taking photo with tourists.

3Get attention of tourists with beautiful Kimono!

You will be definitely asked for photos by tourists while walking in Kimono! Accept them kindly and also ask them to take photo of yourself!


Oh my god, tourists talk to us a lot!!


I feel like I'm celebrity. I've never been taken this much photos lol

Break in Asakusa

4Take a rest in a fancy café in Asakusa

There are a lot of Japanese style cafes matched with Kimono in Asakusa! When you get tired with Kimono, just have a break!


I get tired so easily in Kimono~


Sweets in café are also so good!!

Kaminari-mon is most popular spot in Asakusa

5Visit Kaminari-mon!

kaminari-mon is one of the famous touristic spots in the world. It's always crowded. If you are lucky, you might get TV interview.


Look! There are TV programme crew and celebs!


Who?? Ohh, they are comedians…such a pitty…(>_<)

Get on Rikisha putting Kimono on!

6There are many good looking rikisha drivers in front of Kaminari-mon!

It is quite famous that rikisha drivers are handsome with toned muscle!


Look at them! They're so handsome!


Right! My style is that one!

Take selfie when rentaling Kimono

7Do not forget to take instagramable photos!

Do not forget memorable photos! By searching #rikawafuku on instagram, you can check instagramable spots our customers visited!


I'm uploading story~!


Kimono in Asakusa~!

After the rental, visit Hoppy street

8Drink in Asakusa after returning Kimono!

You can extend the time untill 21:30 with additional 1000 yen in the summer and weekend so that you can go to the live or Disney resort! Also enjoy foods like monja yaki around Asakusa!


I didn't know that there're quite many restaurants around Asakusa!


Shall we go to Hoppy street?

Recommend Plan & Course for this Season

Famous and reasonable Course

We hava many other courses

Kimono Hairset Plan

Kimono Hairset Plan


Kimono rental for everyone! The basic plan with professional hair setting for ladies.

Everything you need for Kimono dressing including hair sets and decorations, will be prepared.

*The Hair Set plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Couple Plan

Kimono Couple Plan


For Asakusa dates! A reasonable Kimono rental plan for couples.

Select your Kimono together. The fitting room will be separated.

*The Couple Plan includes professional hair setting.

Kimono Student Plan

Kimono Student Plan


Anyone who has their student pass can apply! A reasonable Kimono rental plan with hair settings for ladies.

Hair decorating, professional hair setting, and Kimono dressing are included in the student plan.

*Please show your student pass at the front desk.